Xcaret Mexico Travel Guide

Xcaret is undoubtedly an idyllic location just south with the resort of Playa del Carmen on Mexico's Riviera Maya and much less than sixty minutes from Cancun Airport. All over the Riviera Maya around Xcaret there are luxury resorts, traditional Mexican villages and amazing white sandy beaches. The area offers luxury all-inclusive family accommodation with on-site restaurants, costly, spas, tennis courts, mini-golf, archery, shuffleboard and children's clubs to mention just a couple amenities to generate your travel deals to Mexico perfect. There are various courses in your neighborhood for golfers to enjoy.

A wealth of wildlife and stunning scenery await you on your direct holidays to Xcaret. Whilst visiting the Yucatan Peninsula, families, couples and groups will adore the Xcaret eco-archaeological theme park. Determined by a lagoon hidden inside the jungle, the park has attracted people to its natural water fountains, Jaguar Island, marine centre, zoo, botanical gardens, orchid farm, butterfly pavilion, mushroom farm and Mayan ruins since 1992. Visitors may also go deep-sea diving, snorkelling, pony trekking and horseback riding for the park. The park also possesses a sandy beach area, freshwater lakes, lagoons, rivers, underground caves and verdant tropical jungle to understand more about. Crocodiles, marine turtles, manatees, flamingos, monkeys, deer, bats and tapirs all are now living in the park. Although the ultimate experience of swimming with dolphins is probably on top of most people's wish list once they go to the park. Being a dolphin trainer throughout the day for the park is a memorable experience the place you connect to fully-grown dolphins in addition to their offspring and find out their performances close. Through the night the park offers enactments associated with an ancient Mayan pastime and a traditional Mexican song and dance show in the open air theatre.

Scuba diving, snorkelling, snuba (a variety of diving and snorkelling) and sea treks (underwater walking) are on offer in Xcaret. Visitors can swim from the beautiful warm Caribbean Sea, within the freshwater lagoons, with the inland cenotes as well as in the underwater caves. Interactive shark tours and tubing are accessible for more adventurous visitors looking for excitement.

There are lots of ancient Mayan ruins in easy reach at Chichen Itza, Xel-Ha, Tulum and Coba. Xcaret itself was previously a major city and ceremonial centre.

Merely a short ferry ride from Playa del Carmen would be the island of Cozumel obtaining the the best diving and snorkelling on earth.

If you're searching for many lively nightlife you simply must go to the popular beach resort of Cancun within the north of the Riviera Maya.

Xcaret's main tourist season starts in November in the event the resort sees 6 hours of sunshine per day and enjoys temperatures about the 30C mark. During winter temperatures hover around 28-29C with daily sunshine hours increasing to 8 hours by March. Humidity is leaner and much more comfortable from December to February, beginning to in March until it reaches its highest levels in April. The sea is fantastic for swimming and getting dolphins through the winter when its temperature from 26C to 28C.

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